EC Parent Forum: Prevent Summer Slide

EC Parent Forum, May 1st, 2018

Hosted by Jane Ostrander, Early Childhood Principal &
Margo Tripsa, Curriculum and Assessment Director


The parents of the children in the Early Childhood Division were invited to attend a parent forum on May 1st. The topic discussed were:

  • screen time
  • importance of daily reading
  • resources for preventing summer slide
  • sleep needs
  • nutrition
  • benefits of being bilingual
  • outside play

You can find below some of the handouts created for Preventing Summer Slide.

Summer Slide happens when students lose some of their knowledge and skills they acquired during the school year if they don’t engage with academic content over the summer. How much of the content and skills do children lose if they don’t read or don’t do any math over the summer? Research shows that over a 2-month summer vacation students can lose 2 to 3 months of academic knowledge and skills every summer. That adds up! Therefore, by the end of grade 4, students can be 1 entire year behind only because of the impact of summer slide. Research indicates that summer slide may be a contributing factor to the achievement gap.

Research also indicates that reading just 6 books during the summer may keep a struggling reader from regressing. We advise parents to choose just right books — not too hard and not too easy. Take advantage of your local library. Qatar National Library has amazing resources; not just paper resources, but also digital resources. We highly encourage parents to visit the library, get a library card, check out books, and also use the digital resources offered for free by the library (using one of the apps listed under #4, such as Libby). Students can listed audio books in the car or even before bed time and, by increased exposure to spoken English through audio books, their vocabulary and comprehension will increase significantly. When you visit the library ask for help selecting books that match your child’s age, interests, and abilities.

Parents are encouraged to take advantage of the resources listed below. Resources number 1, 2, 3, and 4 are all free. Resources #5, 6, and 7 and offered by Vision International School and students have access to them using the usernames and passwords provided by the school. Feel free to ask our teachers for more information.

Daily Reading + Summer Slide!!!-1Daily Reading + Summer Slide!!!-2

Use your iPhone or iPad to scan the QR codes below (just point the camera to the QR codes) and it will take you to these playlists. Subscribe to the ones you like. Alternatively, you could type in the short URLs listed below to access each playlist. If you have an Android phone, downloading any QR Code reader (such as i-nigma) would help you access the playlists below, to you could type in the URLs listed for each playlist.

Daily Reading + Summer Slide!!!-3Daily Reading + Summer Slide!!!-4Daily Reading + Summer Slide!!!-5Daily Reading + Summer Slide!!!-6


Thank you!


Gulf EDU Tour University Fair

Blog Post Author: Allison Mallory, school counselor

The Gulf EDU Tour University Fair was a great success.  Our middle and high school students participated in the university fair featuring 17 colleges and universities from the USA and 4 universities from Europe. The fair featured a full schedule of informational sessions.  They included colleges that meet 50 percent of demonstrated need or tuition, based on family income; highly selective schools; colleges that have 25 percent or higher minority students; and colleges with a STEM or liberal arts focus.

A big thank you to the 11th-grade boys for hosting an amazing event.  Thank you to Sultan Al Sada  9, Omar Al Emadi 9, Essa Al Mahmoud 9 and all who assisted with supporting the fair.


2nd Annual College Fair @VIS

Blog Author: Allison Mallory

The VIS 2nd annual College Fair was a success with 126 students attending; GEMS Academy, Middle East International, and our VIS high school students. The event attracted representatives from 6 universities from the Qatar Foundation, 5 regional universities, as well as 4 businesses. The Fair featured a full schedule of informational sessions. Following the fair, Dr. Mohamed Omar Zaghmout from Hamad Medical Company held an informational meeting with 17 female students who expressed an interest in the healthcare career pathway.  The students were very attentive and engaged in the informational meeting.

A big thank you to the 11th-grade girls for hosting a wonderful event.  Thank you Claire, Nancy, LuLu, Benny, Bamba and the maintenance crew for your laborious support. Thank you Cosmin for going to Carrefour and purchasing the food items. Thank you Sukey and Cindy, for assisting me with supporting the girls and all other tasks as needed.  A final thanks to everyone who attended and stopped by to chat with the representatives. I look forward to next fall working in collaboration with our new boys’ counselor, GEMS, and MIS for our next college fair.


Poetry Month @VIS

Blog Post Author: Veronica Stevenson

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In Celebration of Poetry Month at Vision International School, Grade 1 and 2 students have been working on constructing a Poem using a de-constructed poem on laminated sheets during their library classes.

Two poems from the library’s book Farmer’s Dog Goes To The Forest were deconstructed and the students had to reconstruct each poem. Each table worked as a team to work out the poem and put the cards in their accurate order. They had a limited time to complete the poems. They could call me over to check their progress, but they had to figure it out for themselves. They needed to read the cards carefully, sound out the words and look for cards with matching words, and rely upon their teammates. It was a lesson of great camaraderie and understanding how sounds rhyme.

Teams that constructed their poems correctly received 10 bee Tickets. Bee tickets are earned by being responsible, respectful, and safe. Each month, to be eligible for “special” rewards, students must earn a certain number of Bee Tickets as specified by their homeroom teacher, so every activity that helps them earn tickets, helps the class become closer to receiving their “special” reward.

Our students loved being immersed into the world of poetry!

Mother’s Day Tea Party

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The Girls’ Division hosted its FirstTea Party with many tasty delights, Arabic Coffee, Karak, Chinese Teas, finger sandwiches, and macaroons. The girls invited their moms for a Mother’s Day celebration in the new Girls Majlis. Many moms came and were given roses, and served tea and cakes by their daughters. The girls side of the school was a place where Vision International School showed appreciation towards mothers.
This will become an annual signature event hosted by the Girls’ Principal, Dr. Bobbi McDaniel.

PreK Fancy Dress

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On Thursday, March 15th the PreK classes had their celebration for the clothing unit of study. Children came to school in fancy clothes and participated in a parade.

The clothes theme was a fun theme that drew children into learning because it focused on what they do everyday:  Get dressed!

In addition to preschoolers relating to this topic, this theme helped develop many preschool skills such as: color recognition, classifying and categorizing, and counting and cardinality.

The fancy dress party was a successful celebration of learning.



Arabic Week @VIS


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The first day of Arabic week for dedicated to the early childhood department, and all our PreK children. They celebrated the Arabic Week by singing and dancing. Minnie Mouse visited out young learners.

We were very fortunate to have Dr. Muath Al-Hassan, the director of the World Organization of Quran, speak to the Middle school and High school students about the importance of learning Arabic and its significant role in understanding the Holy Quran.


On the second day, our older students were divided in two groups (boys and girls separately), and met Ms. Zeinab Al-Mahmoud,  popular Qatari poet, in the Arabic tent (Majlis). The Arabic Book Fair provided our students with the opportunity purchase books for their own book collections. The book fair was limited to books and stories in Arabic.

Our students did an excellent job displaying amazing projects throughout the school. The educational signs and projects in the reception area and the tent in front of the school showed our students’ excitement for learning Arabic and for celebrating the Arab world and culture.

1st Science Night @VIS

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Science Night was a huge success for VIS. Many parents and staff members came to see what our Grade 3, 4 and 5 students have been learning in Science. The students put a lot of work into their projects and were very proud to be able to share with others.

Science is very important and at Vision international School we strive to shape an inquiry mind in our students! Science education sparks into the minds of our students the ideas that they can solve the world’s biggest problems, it develops patience, perseverance, and problem solving skills.

Thank you to all that came and we look forward to more events like this in the future.


Science Workshop

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The Stem Explorer Company returned for the fourth year to VIS. This year there was a new venue- a Science Show Spectacular. There were several groupings of students, starting at PreK. Each 45-minute show was more complex in content and vocabulary for the grade level audience. All students enthusiastically enjoyed the show, with the teachers likewise commenting favorably. This year the movie was shown in the larger Sky-Dome, though preference seems to be for the smaller dome of previous years. The workshop attendance PreK-5 was nearly 100%! Everyone loved the standards-based hands-on science experiments. The first two experiments were of the grade-level skills and the next one or two were fun experiments- something to take home. From grade preK to 9 B/G, teachers chose 14 different experiments that were equal parts fun and learning. Girls’ student council helped tremendously as the presenter’s schedule was like clockwork, one class in and another out. They helped the teachers have the kids lined up and ready to go into the three events: show, movie, and workshop. The girls also helped
with the younger children in the workshops. They were greatly appreciated. Some of the older boys also briefly helped on the boy’s side.

Science is fun!

Sports Day @VIS


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Good Afternoon Sports Fans!! The dust has finally settled on what was a crazy week for the PE Department, which was a highlight of the month of February for our students. Everyone in the school from the youngest Pre-K students to the oldest in Grade 11 was scheduled across the week and participated in a number of activities throughout the days. The idea of Sports Week is to try and maximize the level of physical activity and we certainly achieved this.
Students were out of breath, sweating and constantly drinking from their water bottles which can only be proof of the fact we had them physically active for as long as possible. They turned out in colors, face paint, holding banners and singing their chants from the top of their voices. All in all it was a great week and we hope that students can remain physically active in and out of school to maintain the healthy habits we teach them in school.

Physical education is an important component of a well-rounded education program. In order to shape students in  a holistic way, our teachers work towards developing strong work habits, teaching social skills, providing a supportive environment, and promoting the development of a healthy lifestyle in our students.

A healthy mind in a healthy body!